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Cree enriches LED module products to help customers accelerate time to market

Cree enriches LED module products to help customers accelerate time to market


April 13, 2011, a market leader in LED lighting Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) announced a LED LMH6 module, which is a designed to further simplify lighting design, reduce overall costs and speed time to market of High lumen LED modules are available to meet the needs of Cree's European and Asian customers. LMH6 module uses Cree TrueWhite ® technology, will be targeted in areas of strict requirements on efficiency, brightness and lighting quality commercial lighting applications, such as: restaurants, retail stores, airports, schools and hotel lighting.

Scott Schwab, product line manager for LED modules at Cree, stated: "The LMH6 module has been carefully designed to meet the 230V lighting needs in Europe and Asia. We are committed to helping our customers deliver beautiful, energy-efficient and highest quality and efficiency in the industry. 150mm and 200mm downlights. Cree will continue to innovate and expand its portfolio of LED modules based on the success of LMR2 and LMR4 LED modules to provide customers with more choices."

The LMH6 module is the first high-lumen product from Cree's fully integrated LED module family. Working hours over 50,000 hours, light output of up to 2000 lm at 74 lm/W and 2900 lm at 78 lm/W. The product is available in 3000 K and 4000 K color temperatures and has a CRI of 90. The fully integrated DALI dimming technology offers greater flexibility and maneuverability than traditional dimming systems. Integrate integrated drive electronics, optics, and thermal management technologies to achieve a comprehensive, ready-to-use solution that simplifies form factor design with interlocking sheets.

The 230V LMH6 module meets many international standards and is RoHS compliant. Sample kits are available on the Cree website () and will be mass-produced to standard delivery times.

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