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3 light LED module [Waterproof Super highlight]

3 light LED module [Waterproof Super highlight]


Product description:

Shenzhen xinglianxin light source company specializing in the production of LED module series, is the use of ABS engineering plastic, epoxy potting processing, has the advantages of high brightness, low power, soft colors, long service life etc..

Widely used in factory roof signs, large-scale outdoor advertising, hotel and restaurant all prompt lamp brand, can the production of stereotypes products, can also be a special design and manufacture according to customer requirements, mainly used in acrylic plastic advertisement light three-dimensional characters and architectural landscape architectural appearance, city square, the appearance of luminous body, mark, logo, indicating light, commercial space, bars, clubs and other places of entertainment. Characteristics: the life of up to 50000 hours, reducing light replacement, repair costs.

Product features:

1 high brightness

Using the high performance quality chips, high brightness, light a small decline, no spot, no shadow.

2 easy to install

Module on the back of a double-sided adhesive and waterproof wire buckle, convenient installation.

3 long life

Service life of up to 50000 hours.

4 waterproof

Completely waterproof, and can be used in the swimming pool.

5 environmental protection

With a series of certification authority such as: CE/RoHS, lead and other heavy metals, 70% energy saving than neon lamp.

6 the use of safety module using 12V DC power supply, not broken, do not repair.

précédent: National standards for LED modules, control and LED lamps have finally been introduced. suivant: Cree enriches LED module products to help customers accelerate time to market

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